Wednesday, September 01, 2010

JUST ANOTHER CREEP: The Jim Behrle Story 

So Jim Behrle has been interviewed on BOMB Magazine. First of all, HE'S SUCH A FUCKING LIAR (of course, big surprise) ABOUT ME HERE! I do not think that I have EVER met anyone who constantly makes shit up the way he does.

Having spoken with some of his victims it was uncanny, even creepy how accurate the path turned. It was as if I said that I had to take a drive into a dank, sulfurous canyon. They replied, "OH YEAH, I've been in that one, let me tell you. When you get in there you will see THIS, and THIS, and then THIS will happen." Sure enough, almost as soon as I engaged with him I watched it unfold just as was told, "First he will lie to you. It will be instantaneous. Then when he doesn't get his way he will just start sending you a barrage of e-mails to flood and further confuse you." Yeah, it all happened just as I was told.

He lied right away, saying that my friends were all lying. His lies are so odd because he doesn't even clean up his tracks, I mean he conflicts with every other thing he's said in print. Weird. It must have worked in the past I guess? EVERYONE is lying, except Mr. Behrle, of course. For instance, my new favorite lie is that Philly sucks, yeah, right! If Philly sucks then WHY is it that he wanted to have a poetry festival here? Is it possible that someone would WANT to have a poetry festival in a city of poets they hate? Yeah, right! Nice try with that one! Of course the real reason there was no festival here is because my friends told him what a jerk he is and that he should fuck himself.

Oh, and when I say "his victims" I'm not using the language lightly. While he has gone after men, when he goes after women there is a certain -- ugh -- a certain pleasure that he takes that makes you nauseous. That makes you nauseous, unless of course you're like he is. His attacks are always as public as they are brutal, except for the reports I've heard of him calling and harassing offline. His attacks on women are particularly manic, sadistic, an acute form of sado-manic-misogyny.

Whenever I have witnessed a man abusing a woman I have zero respect for him. Permanently.

It's impossible for me to ever have respect for Jim Behrle, having watched him go after women like a disturbed, horny little animal the way he does. What a creep. He is without a doubt THE BEST example of a clinically defined narcissist that I've ever encountered in that he abuses people (mostly women) then instantly turns his victims into villains. It's a coping mechanism narcissists develop in order to sleep at night, or to be able to live with themselves at all. And when I say instantly, I mean it. For instance in my own experience all I had to do was confront him on HIS behavior and I was instantly turned into this monster in his eyes and in his words. Suddenly he was portraying me as the evil villain out to get poor little Jimmy.

There are too many trusted friends who have had to deal with his manipulations and deceptions for me to ever believe him, or to ever respect him, or to ever want to have anything to do with him. His pleasure in the pain and misfortune of others reminds me of a word my Danish grandmother used: skadefryd. The German -- and more common -- equivalent of this is schadenfreude.

What's so peculiar is how the narcissism in Behrle has developed in such a way that he actually believes he is doing a service to poetry by tormenting innocent people. He has crowned himself the great overseer of poetry for the great migration of souls for the great moment in poetry history for his own greatness. Some such crap is going on in his brain about greatness, The Great Jim Behrle is invincible. When really all he is in poetry is a shit stain on the library wall. And it is already starting to dry, and flake away. He thinks he will be remembered. He is wrong. He will be forgotten. There are a lot of horrible men in prison who hate women, and acted on it. Fortunately he is too much of a coward to physically touch the women he hammers away at on his computer while masturbating with the other hand. It's impossible to know whether his orgasm cums when he receives their reply, or the reply he hopes for from them. In the end Jim Behrle is just another creep in a creepy world full of creeps.


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