Saturday, May 29, 2010

Undone : A Fakebook 

Hello all,

My new book is officially out & about. Please see below.

Chris McC

* * *

Undone : A Fakebook
by Chris McCreary
a Furniture Press Book

"The poems in Undone are like echoes down a canyon — reverberating, overlapping, vibrating, creating a new kind of music — each word like a boat dislodged from its mooring, “like pieces of things / from which to weave / a dreaming.” That words have sound values which translate into meanings is the guiding principal and McCreary plays each note at its own perfect speed. Everything we didn’t know we needed to know is right here."
-- Lewis Warsh

"A lynchpin of Philadelphia’s indy avant-garde, Chris McCreary brings a tender swagger to his line, from popsong semiotics to lyric sequence to the mysterious 'The Black Book' mirroring the urban poet’s soul. A very real book, Undone does it all."
-- Garrett Caples

"Undone reveals Chris McCreary as a skilled practitioner of serious play. The poems engage our absurd American moment through critiques of popular culture, while acting as 'songs about buildings and food.' And make no mistake, there is music in this collection. If you aren't familiar with McCreary's ear that is both sharp and barbed, welcome to your discovery. Listen in with this technician, whose third ear reveals the brilliant intuition that could only be accomplished by an artist who has honed this mysterious craft- for your listening pleasure."
-- Frank Sherlock

Undone: A Fakebook by Chris McCreary. 6x9. 100 pages. Paper. $12.00.
ISBN 10: 0-9826299-1-5. ISBN 13: 9780982629918. Library of Congress Control Number: 2010922783

for orders
surface: Furniture Press Books c/o Towson ARTS Collective, 406 York Rd. (lower level), Baltimore, MD 21204
web: furniturepressbooks.com
email: furniture.press.books@gmail.com
phone: 410.718.6574

Note: The press's website should be updated within the next week or so, & the book will be available from SPD in the near future, too. In the meantime, email, surface, & phone orders are all a go.
Another note: Cover image & cover design are both by Dan Shepelavy. Check out his blog & portfolio here.

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