Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daily Poem @ 34th Street 

Each weekday at 34th @ Sansom the manager of PENN BOOK CENTER David Hancock puts a new poem in the window on the 34th Street window in the corner. It's a project he does out of his love for poetry.

Stop by and read the daily poem.

AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHOP THERE! Barnes & Noble did A NASTY TRICK by naming their superstore around the corner something which sounds similar to PENN BOOK CENTER. But it's not. PENN BOOK CENTER has THE FINEST (hands down!) poetry selection in Philadelphia! It's amazing, that poetry section, and we NEED TO KEEP this store going!

Let's not allow another independent bookstore to go under in Philly!

And poets should support PENN BOOK CENTER because PENN BOOK CENTER supports poetry like no other bookstore in the city!


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