Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dowling, Varrone, Fuhrman 

I LOVE this photo of Sarah Dowling because SHE likes it! It's from her brand new PENNSOUND Page! Sarah is without a doubt one of my favorite living poets, and readers. Her new book Security Postures was never read so well as it was last night! There were moments I hope made it into the digital recorder, like the shoes on the sidewalk outside fading just as she says "disappear."

The reading was one of THE MOST PERFECT poetry readings I've been to in a long time! All three poets held the night up AND UP, how could it get higher? Kevin Varrone read from his new book JUST out from Ugly Duckling, G-POINT ALMANAC: PASSYUNK LOST, and Joanna Fuhrman's new book Pageant, a book David Shapiro calls the 'infra-surrealism.'

I'm SO GLAD that last night was recorded, a reading that SHOULD live on because it deserves to!

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