Wednesday, December 16, 2009

(Soma)tic Poetry Dance THIS FRIDAY! 

Dancer Eleanor Goudie-Averill of Stone Depot Dance Lab is honoring my (Soma)tic Poetry Exercise "your BANANA WORD MACHINE" with a dance. Please see Ellie's note below, and hope to see you there,

This Friday night at the INhale Performance Series (7:30 pm at the CHI Movement Arts Center, 1316 South 9th St.), I will be showing an initial version of my new piece Banana Dance Machine.

It is a solo work based on a (Soma)tic Poetry Exercise by poet CAConrad. His "Exercise #16, your Banana Word Machine" asks the artist to "LOCK THE DOOR AND UNPLUG THE PHONE, ignite your BANANA WORD MACHINE, and once it gets started it doesn't like to stop, for anyone, for any reason! Strip down naked and BE THERE, slowly opening the banana skin, smelling, taking small tastes. SUDDENLY SIT UP inside your BANANA WORD MACHINE and write write WRITE! Yellow splendor!" Translate write to dance and the new Banana Dance Machine will take both audience and dancer on an exploration of the exotic, relationships with the cultural other and the freedom to be human.

I so hope to see all of you there!!



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