Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Open Call for Philadelphia Artists 

Jacob Russell is proposing an art and poetry event at the waterfront, possibly at Penn Treaty Park, in February, centered on the idea of developing the riverfront for public use. Jacob has been talking with the Media Mobilizing Project and a few poets about putting this event together, and they want to get a sense of who and how many would be interested.

From Jacob:

The River in Winter: Toward a vision for the future of the waterfront

An open call for Philadelphia artists, poets, laborers for the cause of social justice! That we might come together to celebrate with art and poetry--to sound our voices for justice, to protest corporate greed, the corruption of the democratic process, and to begin to create through art, an alternative vision for the future of our city and its waterfront!

Please RSVP wjacobr@gmail.com if:

---you are interested in performance, in reading poetry or related work the afternoon of the event?

----you are able to contribute time or other resources to help coordinate and organize?

----you are a video artist who would like to record the event?

-- posted by R Eckes

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