Thursday, December 03, 2009


I'm not one to complain about pain, but then again I'm not used to having pain. I saw a lawyer for the first time in my life today, recommended by dear friend Maria Raha.

Here's what happened. I was on my way to see Maria and Nicky, and others, to celebrate our Yoko Ono cocktail hour at 1610 Bar in South Philly. I was excited OF COURSE to be celebrating our love of Yoko together over some blueberry martinis. At the corner of 22nd and Chestnut I stepped onto the bus, and while I was putting my money in the dispenser for a subway transfer the driver said, in a creepy, low voice, "WHAT are you!?" Yes, WHAT, WHAT are you he said. Not WHO, but WHAT.

I was a WHAT to him. Because of the green glitter nail polish and bright green shirt? Does this make me inhuman? FUCK NO, IT MAKES ME A BRIGHT GREEN HUMAN! Fucking SEPTA pig jerkoff!

I answered his dehumanizing, other-izing language with, "A customer!"

He pushed the transfer in my hand with a scowl and moved the bus forward. I was literally not two or three steps walking to a seat when he SLAMMED on the breaks, sending me flying backwards, crashing into the money and token dispenser and railing. The pain was immediate in my back, and then I flew forward again and landed badly on my right foot.

THEN he laughed! The fucking SEPTA pig actually LAUGHED!

This fucking PIG was using the bus as a weapon for his homophobic jollies! We HAD IT OUT MAN! I screamed at him! I've encountered way too many bullies in this world to go out quietly!

I've never seen a lawyer for any reason before today! I told SEPTA pig that I was going to report him, and he refused to give me his name, but I wrote down the license plate and the lawyer seems to think it won't be a problem figuring out who he was.

SEPTA will be paying for my medical bills. I'm in excruciating pain at times when walking, and I'm hoping the doctor that the lawyer is having me see tomorrow morning can at least do something about that.

And to think of all the stupid arguments I had last month DEFENDING the SEPTA drivers when they were on strike, man oh man do I want to take that back! Yeah I know that's unreasonable, but I'm in pain! I'm not happy about having been GIVEN pain on purpose from SEPTA pig's violence for queers!

I'm so tired of the HATERS in this world!

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