Thursday, November 05, 2009

it's endless 

Listen, I disagree as one person wrote in Silliman's comment box that the conversation never moves beyond the riptide. As a matter of fact that's exactly what Dale Smith and I were doing as two people with different opinions and different lives and experiences on these matters for the conversation around Dorn's late work.

But since the conversation has been published I have received emails, etc., accusing me of ridiculous things, like one "poet" writing me to simply say, "Stop hatin' straights!" And emails and others telling me what I have failed to realize.

NO, I do not hate straights, that's just ridiculous! NO, I do not fail to realize how straight people are as affected by disease. Frankly it feels sort of homophobic that I'm not allowed to talk about being queer in a time of AIDS which -- at that time -- was pretty much a queer disease in America. So much so that Ronald Reagan wouldn't even say the name of the disease.

I refuse to allow revisionist history to take place under my nose,

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