Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"But indeed a market like California is not good for Enron." --Kenneth Lay (he actually said that, isn't it great????) 

You REALLY DO leave it there! Your heart, in San Francisco! Go ahead, call me corny! OK, Ok, ok, yes.

So while I'm at it let me tell you something beautiful. Poetry is a door in a room of many doors, but it's the door I have walked through. One time I tried to find the way back out of it. It doesn't matter, that story of trying to find the way back. What DOES matter is, on the other side of the door of poetry the generosity of what can be seen to be tasted makes every evil moment of being alive WORTH IT!

Frank Sherlock and I were filled with it. DON'T SAY SHIT! NOT FILLED WITH SHIT! This is beautiful. It's beautiful, and it's what it was filling.

Stops filling sometime but I don't know when.

San Francisco, LA, great times & people!

It's hard to know WHERE to start thanking, so TO EVERYONE, MY LOVE!

Poetry REALLY IS family! I was RIGHT! I've been correcting OUT LOUD this whole notion of "poetry community" and I keep saying, "YEAH, BUT, we're less than gods but more than a registry, right? It's something like a family, so just say it is!"

The poetry FAMILY, we went to visit our poetry FAMILY in California! Aunts and Uncles, LOVE YOU!

p.s. (Mr. Rob Halpern posted this about our SPT & NONSITE talk.)

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