Tuesday, July 14, 2009

twixt the reasons for WHAT in the world we write 

My FACEBOOK husband Magdalena Zurawski has been caught in the cross-hairs more than once since winning the Ronald Sukenick Award for Innovative Fiction for her novel THE BRUISE. I admire her latest post about innovation, and in particular about the Brian Allen Carr review of the book.

Carr responds, which you can see at the bottom, but my question is whether Carr himself lives up the standards of innovation, of The New? Judge for yourself with this poem. The question might be whether Carr wants innovation in other writers and, well, not so much for his own work? To be honest I like this recent poem by Carr, but I would never point to it as shifting the paradigm, not for a second would I say so.

The po(e)t calling the kettle black?

And it feels so funny sometimes talking about such topics with the LANGUAGE poets now writing ballads, writing sonnets, writing New York School-like poems at times.

Do I think THE BRUISE is great!? Have you never spoken to me? THE BRUISE is one of my favorite books in recent years. It's something I read without stop, and more than once.


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