Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brian Allen Carr is outrageous! 

Brian Allen Carr seemingly had the balls (note "seemingly") to call Magdalena's novel "boring" and "student-grade," but when she takes him on online he suddenly wants to play a passive-aggressive game of back-peddling, saying such things as, but "I've recommended the book," yeah, well, that is nothing short of outrageous.

Brian Allen Carr you can't have it both ways! You can't slam someone in print by calling them boring, then CLAIM that YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY ACTUALLY LIKE THE BOOK AND IN FACT LIKE IT SO MUCH ACTUALLY THAT YOU ACTUALLY RECOMMENDED IT TO OTHERS, YEAH, REALLY, REALLY! What? Really? You want us to believe that you recommend books that you think are boring? Wow, that's so weird!

I would have had respect for Brian Allen Carr if he had ACTUALLY had the balls to stand behind his original convictions about the book. This pathetic game of HATE YOU, LOVE YOU is a big warning sign. And I say a big warning sign to ANYONE out there ever interested in dating the guy.

But I thank Brian Allen Carr for making my choice for me about whether to have respect for him as a reviewer. I certainly do not!

Oh, and I simply do NOT believe for a second that Brian Allen Carr would call a book boring in print, then recommend it privately, secretly, to friends. No way.

And I also HATED the "I'm sorry if you think my review was unfair," bullshit. What's unfair is the unsaid game of "I know I called your book BORING and STUDENT-GRADE but, but, but LOVE ME ANYWAY!" NO! FUCK OFF, how's that?


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