Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kelly Writers House has done it again! 

Magic is a word I want us to reclaim from rolling eyes. It's a word we can use everyday, make it everyday to us in every way in making poetry strong enough to need no other magic. It's my extreme pleasure to have met an elder who has been cooking all the best sense of magic for many decades, strengthening poetry for us all, everyday. Tony Green needs little prompting from us to pay attention, as once he gets going we truly are in his realm, we're right with him. And he's never asking that we orbit him, but orbit poetry with him. Does that make sense? I WANT IT TO MAKE SENSE, but it can if you look at him on You Tube, click HERE.

This photograph by Al Filreis is of Tony Green reading one of his Poetry Tubes, which you can see on the You Tube link. Another link HERE, and another HERE.

Once the PENNSOUND Page is up I'll post it here, as you will want to see his reading, and the interview with Al Filreis that took place at Kelly Writers House today. Much was said, and I don't want to ruin it for you, but the Robert Creeley highlights, the history of Green's Tube Poetry highlights, well, it's all highlights.

The generosity of Tony Green is part of the joy of this day, his handing his beautiful, handmade Poetry Tubes for us to pass around and look at closely. He gave the Poetry Tube in this photograph to Ish Klein when the three of us went out for lunch. Ish then donated it to THE PENN BOOK CENTER at the corner of Sansom and 34th Streets, SO EVERY POET IN PHILLY, AND EVERY POET VISITING PHILLY, GET TO THE PENN BOOK CENTER TO SEE THE TONY GREEN POETRY TUBE FOR YOURSELF! And while you're there please support one of Philadelphia's BEST and last independent bookstores (THE BEST POETRY SECTION IN TOWN!)

One of the most generous moments was hearing him discuss NOT fitting into the university worlds he was working in, his work, his poems in particular NOT acceptable. He shows strength by having lived it, strength by sheer example.

Ish and I then took Tony Green to the Sun Ra exhibit at the ICA that Frank Sherlock has been raving about. Frank's been raving for good reason, IT'S A MUST SEE! Sun Ra, self proclaimed extraterrestrial has a giant fingerprint left behind. The film THE MAGIC SUN (1966) of Sun Ra & his Solar Arkestra reverberates in me even now, and I want to go back for more of it!

Seeing the Sun Ra exhibit after experiencing Tony Green's own extra-extraterrestrial experiments for winding the terrestrial upward was nothing short of perfect! Here's a small sample from his book 12 MiCRoChips & 2 PIEs:

impotence gardenias

so fucking needy this

mine was nearly cylinder

l'apres-midi d'un beige

watching new entrants

listening foam standing

de-eroticised mating in

step by instep

hesitation stop-time

square white fingernail

our world revolves around you

leather pouches shoulder

cardigan strawberries

gold rims fruit tartlet

cafe fug fusion rock

knees read newspaper

universe no borders

undisseminatable un-

reality day-time

box haircut high-rollers

weaponry water sip

this room was serviced by Tina

Aesthetic Ideology

passionate real estate

the sensory appearances of

what it enacts

there is to go on

standing underneath

double blind referees

lay crate flat

they are not signifiers

foundations of grammataology

I trust everything is to your liking

Many thanks to The Kelly Writers House for doing all they do to bring the magic to us.


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