Thursday, May 07, 2009

Jenn McCreary's :ab ovo: available now! 

Announcing the publication of Jenn McCreary's new full-length poetry collection :ab ovo:, now available from Dusie Press.

"Jenn McCreary's… questioning of a lifetime of a priori givens takes over language, inviting it to accommodate her unacknowledged world." --Marcella Durand.

"A book of awe and charm from the inside out." -- Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Jenn McCreary is the author of two chapbooks: errata stigmata (Potes & Poets Press), and four o'clock pocket chiming (Beautiful Swimmer Press); the e-chapbook :Maps & Legends: (Scantily Clad Press) and a doctrine of signatures (Singing Horse Press). Her poetry has been published in magazines including Combo, Lungfull!, Tool: A Magazine, POM2, So To Speak, & How2. She lives with her family in Philadelphia where she co-edits ixnay press with Chris McCreary, works for the Mural Arts Program, and serves on the board of the Philly Spells Writing Center. For more information or to order, visit SPD Books: http://www.spdbooks.org/Search/Default.aspx?SearchTerm=ab+ovo

-- Chris McC

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