Sunday, March 15, 2009

KWH this Saturday! March 21 @ 4pm 

The Whenever We Feel Like It Reading Series is put on by Committee of Vigilance members Michelle Taransky and Emily Pettit. The Committee of Vigilance is a subdivision of Sleepy Lemur Quality Enterprises, which is the production division of The Meeteetzee Institute.

HEATHER CHRISTLE grew up in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Her poems have recently appeared in Boston Review, 6X6, Fou, and No: a journal of the art. Octopus Books will publish her first poetry collection, "The Difficult Farm," later this year. She lives, studies and teaches in Western Massachusetts.

NATALIE LYALIN is the author of the forthcoming book "Pink and Hot Pink Habitat" (Coconut Books). She is the co-editor of GlitterPony magazine. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two cats.

CECILIA CORRIGAN is a poet and Penn undergraduate.

- Frank Sherlock

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