Saturday, January 24, 2009

is the H in HBO for HOMOPHOBIC? Hmmmmmm! 

HBO had exclusive rights to film the events of Obama's inauguration at the Lincoln Memorial, and, LO AND BEHOLD, filmed everything EXCEPT the remarks and prayer by openly gay Episcopal Bishop Eugene Robinson: NO video and NO audio was recorded by HBO!!

LUCKILY someone in the crowd filmed Robinson's remarks and sent them to Amy Goodman, who aired the entire footage on DEMOCRACY NOW, using the tag, "...Robinson Silenced on HBO...."

Obama's inaugural committee apologized, stating that they had INTENDED for Robinson's remarks and prayer to be filmed with the rest of the events, and that they "regretted the error." Hmmm, error?

Click HERE to read the transcript from DEMOCRACY NOW, and/or view the footage.

Click HERE to COMPLAIN to HBO and DEMAND ANSWERS! Was is it the cameraman's doing? Was this a decision from HBO headquarters? WHO made this decision? WHO said, "LET'S NOT FILM THIS QUEER, BUT EVERYONE ELSE INSTEAD!" Because SOMEONE said it!

It IS clear however (at least it seems clear) that Obama's people DID MEAN for the Bishop's remarks and prayer to be filmed and aired on HBO.

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