Sunday, December 28, 2008

on Obama's CHOICE of a homophobic, anti-Semite to SET THE spiritual tone of his presidency 

Dear Jenn, out of respect for you I won't be posting my new letter to Obama here.

But let me say that I too was excited when Obama won. In fact when Obama won Iowa and shook the "inevitable candidacy" out of Hillary Clinton and her smug, patronizing husband, I thought, "WOW, MAYBE OBAMA HAS A REAL CHANCE!"

When he won against McCain it almost seemed impossible. I remember waking up with friends in New York to watch TV to MAKE SURE something hadn't happened during the night to take it away from us. It felt that personal, it felt that delicate, the idea that someone might "take it away from us" again.

To be honest I'm still a little SHOCKED by Obama's CHOICE of Rick Warren though. It's a wicked thing to do to the queer and Jewish voters who HELPED GET HIM all the way to the White House.

I'm glad that Obama met with Melissa Etheridge. That was a thoughtful gesture. He now needs to meet with some rabbis after the latest You Tube of Warren saying Jews will all burn in Hell. I guess they're burning in Hell with us queers? Well I have some great Jewish friends, we'll make the best of it I'm sure!

Anyway, while I don't HATE Obama, I'm extremely disappointed, and also deflated by this CHOICE he made for the spiritual tone to be set with that creep Warren.

Oh, and maybe I'll see you at the inauguration, I'll be the one with the sign, "YOU'RE LUCKY I CAN'T TAKE MY VOTE BACK OBAMA!"


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