Saturday, November 15, 2008


Pauline Cavillot recently produced a radio documentary in association with the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, and Polytechnic University in New York. The subject is a sliver of the role the arts have played during the ongoing recovery of New Orleans.

The highlights for me are the interviews with Dave Brinks (talking about Katrina with his daughter), Bill Lavender (on the grassroots nature of the NOLA poetry community) and Brett Evans' description of being stranded after the storm as "the anti-Mardi Gras."

Interviews include Michael Ford, Dave Brinks, Bill Lavender, Brett Evans (in which I make a brief appearance), Holly Wherry and Barbara Motley.

The documentary is currently housed on a blog called New Orleans Resilience. Check it out here.

- Frank Sherlock

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