Friday, November 07, 2008

ON is OUT! 


WHAT is ON ???? a note from the publishers:

What's going ON? What's 21st Century poetry all about? ON is a poetics journal devoted to contemporaries' writing, a location for essay and exchanges featuring over twenty essays written by and about contemporary poets. The contributors make legible unique aesthetic practices in relation to larger tendencies, histories and concepts.

ON #1 features: Taylor Brady on Yedda Morrison, Brandon Brown on Dana Ward, Jason Christie on Michael deBeyer, CA Conrad and Brenda Iijima in conversation, Michael Cross on Thom Donovan, Alan Gilbert on DJ/Rupture, Rob Halpern on Taylor Brady, Jen Hofer and Sawako Nakayasu in conversation, Andrew Levy on Arakawa and Gins, Edric Mesmer on Lauren Shufran and Mark Dickinson, Thom Donovan on Brenda Iijima, Tenney Nathanson on Beverly Dahlen, Richard Owens on Dale Smith, Tim Peterson on kari edwards, Eli Drabman on Michael Cross, Andrew Rippeon on C.J. Martin, Kyle Schlesinger on Emily McVarish, Jonathan Skinner on Julie Patton, Dale Smith on Hoa Nguyen, Suzanne Stein and Alli Warren in conversation, and Katie Yates on Belle Gironda.

ON is currently available for purchase at Small Press Distribution, at our website, and at the homepages of both Cuneiform and Atticus/Finch. How do we address our own writing and that of our contemporaries? Find out what's going on, and spread the word to your peers, colleagues, and students.

Michael Cross, Thom Donovan, and Kyle Schlesinger
ON eds.

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