Monday, November 10, 2008

I FEEL TRACTOR phoning it in! 

from Edmund Berrigan:

Last May I participated in a New England-based radio show called Phoning It In. The idea is that musical acts call in to the show using speaker phone and play a 30-40 minute set. About 350 different groups/individuals have done this, and the results are now available for listening or free download.

The files are also in the process of being picked up by radio station WFMU's website, in a nice turn of events.

Here's the link to my show.

I played ten songs in a friend's apartment to an enthusiastic audience of three people and 1 cat (or was it a dog?). The results sound well, like me playing through a phone. I think it came out great.

If you go to that page, and click the word 'archive' on the top, you can see the entire list.

Well known performers include Daniel johnston, Billy Childish, Lou Barlow, Devendra Banhart, and others.

Amusingly named performers include: Dream Bitches, Polka dot dot dot, Flowers from the man that shot your cousin, and megamoog.

If you have the time and resources and like free obscure music, this is the place to go, and there are sure to be some gems in there. Or you can at least momentarily amuse yourself with the names and band descriptions.
(posted by CAConrad)

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