Wednesday, November 12, 2008

END NOTEBOOK by Geoffrey Olsen 

Sometimes you LOVE the poems, but not the way the book looks, or how it feels in your hands.

In this case I LOVE the poems, and LOVE the book itself.

It's a notebook of poems, simply GORGEOUS looking, set in Baskerville, one of my all-time favorite fonts!

But, most important, THE POEMS! Listen to this, seriously, read it out loud:

Already dead.
As a human being in a mortal
history, gloves off,
in the morning, in the
debris. Have you seen this
branch in the wind? This subway
running? This new era?
Times that could be dead or object's
significance of what's around to us.
Not morose but everything scheduled,
emotions scheduled. In the poem.

Did you read it out loud? Did you not LOVE it? Of course you did because you LOVE good poetry! Buy this book and read EVERY SINGLE PAGE OUT LOUD!


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