Thursday, October 16, 2008


An old friend of mine once said that the chakras are meant to be aligned privately, that it's our private, personal choice on how to live to align our core energy source(s).

My friend and I disagreed all the time on such things, and I have to admit now that she's been dead for about seven years that we both ENJOYED not agreeing about many different things.

Last night I went out to Broad Street after the Phillies won the pennant to sit in front of the DOUBLE TREE HOTEL and drink in the excitement as hundreds of people packed the street to cheer, slap hands, and FILL one another's hearts. I've always been one to believe that we can align our chakras together on earth, and last night was one of those EASY NIGHTS for feeling it shift into place and fill itself. You could be one of the crankiest people alive and become a giddy sponge.

After a little while I went home because my new boyfriend was going to be arriving soon. He's a BIG sports guy, and wanted to go out onto Broad Street, so I went back out with him. We filled ourselves on the BOOM charging itself with every step. I was glad he wanted to go back out because I wasn't finished feeling the Love out there.

We soon found ourselves walking to LOVE Park where there were other people running around, cheering, honking, screaming their LOVE for the Phillies. We sat by the fountain on a bench and made out. A group of tough guys with 40s in paper bags came through chanting PHIL-LIES PHIL-LIES! They were high-fiving everyone in the park. When they got to us they stopped, one guy barked ARE YOU PHILLIES FANS!? I said, "We're Phillies fags!" Which they thought was GREAT, and high-fived us. These are not the kind of guys who would normally even speak to us if they saw us making out in public. The LOVE on the streets was too strong for any hate.


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