Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Katy Henricksen on READY TO EAT INDIVIDUAL for OXFORD AMERICAN MAGAZINE, and Justice for Brad Will 

Frank Sherlock and Brett Evans
have some MARVELOUS fans all
over the fricken place!
Click HERE for this terrific in-depth
review of their book READY TO EAT INDIVIDUAL!
Henricksen writes of Frank, "He's an old-school gentleman,
with an old soul, a large dark beard and an
undeniably sexy voice." NOW THAT'S A FAN!

Earlier tonight I was SHAKEN by footage of Brad Will's assassination on the streets of Oaxaca. Amy Goodman was interviewing John Gibler, a good friend of Will's who has been working with Will's parents in fighting for justice. To see the footage, or read the transcript click HERE.

John Coletti introduced Frank Sherlock and I to Brad Will one New Year's Day a few years ago at the Poetry Project marathon in NY. I remember his gentle fuzzy bearded face talking about his work in South America and Mexico, and his poems, and his music. It was unexpected, stunning, frightening, seeing this footage on DEMOCRACY NOW of Will being shot, SCREAMING, running with the video camera, until shot again, and the camera keeping still. It's not something I was prepared to see. And wish I hadn't seen it to be honest.

For those of us who know and Love READY TO EAT INDIVIDUAL, Brad Will comes up in one of Frank's lines about Will's murder by "scum in Oaxaca." And you see the scum with their machine guns coming after him through his own lens, the last thing he saw.

If you brave the footage you'll also get to see Brad Will playing his acoustic guitar and singing a song at the intermission of the interview, something Amy Goodman always does. Well, she usually plays music that has a political message, but in this case it was Brad Will himself.


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