Tuesday, September 23, 2008


After writing here on PhillySound late last month about the INSULT to painter Thomas Eakins, BLICK Art Supply has said that they will create another plaque letting the world know that Eakins's studio was above their store.

MANY THANKS to those of you who wrote articles defending my plea, and to those of you who called BLICK and stopped into the store to make a fuss! ALL OF THIS HELPED! It also helped to THREATEN a picket line on the sidewalk, and I was even working on some chants for us that involved CORPORATE ARTS in the rhyme.

At first BLICK was uninterested in doing anything about the missing Eakins plaque, but they are now scrambling to make a new one to replace the one that disappeared during the building's reconstruction for their store.

Part of me was thinking about suggesting to their customer service hotline that they contact City Hall about having one of the historical landmark BLUE signs at the curb, which are all over Philadelphia. But maybe that would entail all kinds of declarations of historical landmark and preservation, which most folks don't seem to have the time for. It's GREAT NEWS though that BLICK finally realized JUST HOW MUCH we Philadelphians LOVE Thomas Eakins, and what lengths we will go through to protect his legacy!

MANY THANKS to BLICK for giving Philadelphia back its Eakins plaque!


p.s. this painting of THE BOXER is in the Eakins Room at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, it's AMAZING in person, so if you haven't yet seen it, GO SEE IT!

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