Wednesday, August 13, 2008

you must find it in your heart to purchase SATELLITE TELEPHONE 

There are a lot of good magazines around, but it's not often I find one where I like EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT IT. SATELLITE TELEPHONE is a rich (dare I say it?) magazine EXPERIENCE! It makes me so happy!

Some of my favorite living poets included!

I wish the cover was on THE SITE because it's such a great cover! And the title of cover takes up (no lie!) a whole page of text! And the page-long title is another terrific poem in the book!

If you don't purchase this magazine DON'T ASK TO BORROW MINE! If you do I'll lie to you, so I'm letting you know.

It reminds me of OLD, COOL issues of THE PARIS REVIEW, which is anything but cool now.

Robert Dewhurst has got it going on, this fine editor!



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