Thursday, August 21, 2008

Play the Building 

If you haven’t ever played a building, and you’re in NYC this weekend, you should go play the Battery Maritime Building. David Byrne has hooked up an old organ to different parts of this old building so that you may play the building.

The sound is all that is left of what all happened there, of what all went into it. Bang on a radiator, blow air through a pipe at the strike of a key – you can listen to its hauntedness, right up against the water, a used up industrial box, an old battery. I played it a couple of weeks ago, and I still hear it.

Also, this is free. There is nothing for sale, except a one-dollar poster, which was soldout when I was there. More information and an interview with David Byrne about the installation can be read here.

-- Ryan Eckes

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