Sunday, July 13, 2008

Party at Molly's This Tues, 7/15 at 8pm 

I was bummed to hear that Molly’s Bookstore will be closing – but it’s not closing so much as it’s transforming. It will become the site of Project 360: Self-Directed Learning for Teens.

Celebrate what the store has been and what it will become – this Tuesday at 8 – and buy books – most of the books (and bookshelves) need to go. Everything’s 50-75% off.

The Invitation from Molly:

We welcome the city’s writers, artists, crafters, actors, musicians, zinesters, filmmakers, puppeteers, DIYers and other brilliant and generous presences to help change the direction of the lives of young people by sharing what they know and love best.

Come listen to our ideas and talk about your own. We aim to connect the people who are working (or playing) in their fields with kids who are curious and interested and free to learn.

Eat, drink, buy books at ridiculously deep discounts and hear about Project 360.

Philadelphia public and private schools have become impossibly rigid and riddled with problems. Thousands of bright, creative kids are suffering because they just don’t fit the mold.

PROJECT 360 is a non-profit resource center for families of teens who would like to use homeschooling as an alternative to traditional schooling.

Project 360 is located at 1010 S. 9th Street, at the site of the soon-to-be-old Molly’s Bookstore.

For more information email info@project360teens.org or call 215-923-3367.

Posted by Ryan Eckes.

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