Friday, July 18, 2008


Did Marsha P. Johnson start the Stonewall Riot to end oppression, or spread misery? "The Stonewall Diversity Champions" has listed as its 400th member the British Army for their open inclusion of gays and lesbians into the armed forces. WOW! I'm not even sure how to react with anything but anger.

The fight to NOT BE OPPRESSED does not mean to be included into the oppressor's world. WHY WOULD the oppressor think they're SO GREAT that we would even WANT to be them!? I would want to BE like the person who has kept me from my life?

It's more the problem of course of gays and lesbians who do not share my view here, who DO think that the ULTIMATE GOAL should be to meld and disappear into the machine with all of its sharp tools carving the world into one grand, obedient, nameless, worker-consumer, killing all who defy. The British Army is the 400th member of "The Stonewall Diversity Champions," I just need to WRITE THIS AGAIN, and SAY IT OUT LOUD AGAIN, because it's SO HARD TO BELIEVE!

The worst thing is NOT being able to stop this kind of ABUSE to the lives we lead, and how we want to lead, away from such brutality. The committee for this BOGUS award will represent who they want to represent. GAYS IN THE MILITARY IS NOT A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE!

To honor the war machine through Stonewall is so infuriating I feel like I blew a fuse. I mean, I can't even FEEL angry, but I know I'm SO ANGRY, and that's why I'm numb.

To honor war is to not honor the LOVE Marsha P. Johnson used to strike the police with, her need to be left to her life, and to protect her family who were other fringe, mistreated, neglected souls like herself.

I'm not even sure where I send my hate mail today. England or New York?


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