Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Aerogrammes from Japan 

For a good number of years I corresponded w/ Cid Corman. I'd mark the calendar exactly two weeks from the day I sent my letter off to Kyoto. An aerogramme would be in my mailbox to the day almost every time- three sides of type that are brilliant, sometimes crazy & always rich with poetic history and connection. Fran Ryan & I would call each other the day our letters came in & read them over the phone. It was Cid's belief in the poets that came after the days of ORIGIN that kept him going. It was through these letters that I was put in touch with Joseph Massey, John Taggart, Tsering Wangmo Dhompa and many others.

Because Cid felt I needed to be in touch with contemporary Irish poets, he put me in touch with Billy Mills. I just came across the piece Billy wrote for The Guardian a little ways back, where he talks about Corman, the global connectivity of writers & the changed nature of correspondence. Check out the link below.


- Frank Sherlock

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