Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Jonathan Williams event THIS AUGUST in Philly! 

After the Jerome Rothernberg event at the Writers House the other day some of us drove over to Bartram's Garden to see the Franklina Tree, which Jonathan Williams sat beneath to write his famous poem in his New Directions book titled AN EAR IN BARTRAM'S TREE.

In honor of Jonathan's poems, Life, and his Love of Bartram's tree (named Franklina after his good friend Benjamin Franklin), we want to have a reading THIS AUGUST when the Franklinia is in bloom! Anyone interested in reading a Jonathan Williams poem should contact me at

Bartram's Garden is VERY EASY to get to (not sure which trolley leads to it at the moment, but I'll find out).

(photo is, L to R: Miranda Reality Torn Brown, Lee Ann Brown, CAConrad, Michael Hennessey, photo taken by Tony Torn)


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