Friday, May 02, 2008

Jerome Rothenberg event(s) 

If you missed THE AMAZING Jerome Rothenberg reading earlier this week at the Kelly Writers House, and the brunch of Q&A the next day, now you can SEE and HEAR it all! Click HERE for the details!

What an amazing Old Soul! I feel fortunate to have been there, and to have finally met this bountiful poet of the Ethnopoetics!
p.s. what do you think about Bob Perelman's "joke" in the "Discussion" Section? He said that younger poets "all write alike." It was said with sarcasm. Then he added that he was only joking. How is that a joke? Who thinks it's funny? Hmmmm, part of me thinks it's a safe form of critique, like, I'LL SAY IT, then retract it artfully by saying it's a joke. But HOW is it a joke? Is it a joke because he and his friends joke about such things? And if so, how do they joke about it? I'm not so sure it's a joke. I'm not so sure at all! THE ONLY FUNNY THING to me about is that it's EXACTLY what I've heard others say for years about Perelman and his friends. Not that I agree, in fact I've always DISAGREED, but yet it's FUNNY, since it's what Mr. Perelman now wants to claim (as a "joke" or not) about younger poets. But who? Which younger poets? JUST BECAUSE he said it was a joke doesn't mean I'm going to forget he said it, and said into a microphone for public record at that!

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