Sunday, May 11, 2008


Dear Barbara Bush, I've only recently seen footage of the destruction caused to your home on the beach in Kennebunkport when it was battered and flooded by the storm of 1991. Much of your husband's memorabilia for his presidential library was washed away or forever ruined. This is the home after all where he conducted his famous command post for his famous Gulf War. All his precious memories of war were gone forever, his giant presidential footprint suddenly blurred.

The footage I saw though is not just of your damaged home, but of you, and your husband picking through the wreckage. Do you remember when one of the reporters asked you and your husband what you intended to DO NEXT? You were both clearly irritated by the question. Your husband turned to the camera and snapped, "This is our HOME, it's our family home, we're going to rebuild!" And you? You added, "We need to pick up the pieces and go on." Do you remember that? Do you remember being in that home with your husband, and reporters, and feeling put upon by the idea that it was all over for you at Kennebunkport?

Do you remember what you said years later in Huston after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and many of that storm's victims were taking refuge in your state of Texas? Instead of thinking about your misfortune from years prior, and how you could lend an empathetic hand to the suffering citizens of your country who were literally ON THE FLOOR of the sports arena around you, you chose the most selfish, most wicked thing to say. Let me remind you:

What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them.

With this deplorable, dismissive statement you make it very clear how devoid you are of sympathy, but more important, devoid of empathy. YOU are the wife and mother of presidents and you choose to lend no one your hand as you walk among them, their lives in shambles. YOU who could say such a thing gave birth to, and reared a son who would be nicknamed The Death Penalty Governor. But that's nothing of course compared to his one million dead in Iraq. Your son, the man Alexander Cockburn said would be "better if he claimed he'd been turned out on a mountainside in infancy and suckled by wolves."

Maybe Cockburn is right about the wolf mother. Your sons have all been treacherous scoundrels with S&L scams, stealing elections, torturing and bombing. But really you are no different from many of the other mothers and wives of American presidents. A country whose brutal murder, theft and enslavement has been given the revisionist fairy tale of rugged individualism. The PROUD American making the world safer and whiter and whiter and brighter.

But just the same, I look forward to your death Barbara Bush, and the deaths of all your wicked, racist, sexist, homophobic, Jesus Loving men. And I would tell you to go to Hell, but Hell is what you and your men have already brought us. So I'm not sure where to tell you to go, but I'd settle for anything off the planet, and THE SOONER THE BETTER!


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