Friday, April 04, 2008

Tourmaline, by Dorothea Lasky 

THIS picture, taken by the publisher Logan Ryan Smith, is Dorothea Lasky's NEW AND AMAZING chapbook with starting pitcher Brian Bannister! That's VERY COOL considering the starting pitcher is asked to pitch as many innings as possible in a game, which is DOROTHEA LASKY!

(If Dottie's mom or dad wrote poems we could then talk about Bannister's All-Star papa Floyd!)

Here's the link to this amazing new book! I don't own a copy yet, but already know and LOVE all the poems in the book, and can't wait to get my hands on a copy! I see and HEAR Dottie reading from a copy of it in front of an audience now, LOUD AND PROUD because, as Dottie says, "Hey! I read LOUD because it's my way of saying FUCK YOU I'm up here reading my poems!" HAHA!

If you scroll down Logan Ryan Smith's (I like saying his ENTIRE NAME EACH TIME!) post for the new book you'll see he has a collection of photos: the book with the Pink Panther, the book with a butternut squash (I'm NOT saying ANYTHING about that one! Except that I think butternut squash is delicious fried with cinnamon and rosemary, yeah, that's all I'll say), AND the book with a bottle of Miller Lite! MILLER LITE!? Is that YOUR beer Logan Ryan Smith!? Could someone PLEASE buy that man a REAL BEER! GEESH! Miller Lite! I think Gandhi got a better buzz when he drank his own urine every morning for cripes sake!

Wanted to say too how much I like the title of the book. After a hard time with something years ago a good friend gave me a gorgeous hunk of Watermelon Tourmaline, one of the most beautiful stones I've ever seen in my life! And since it was Watermelon, or, a Tourmaline which included ALL the varieties and colors of the various types of Tourmaline, it also held all those magickal properties: dispelling fear, thwarting negative charges sent your way, AND ENHANCING CREATIVITY, and more! Now we can have Dottie's book for the same reasons!

THE BOOK LOOKS TERRIFIC! (and if you haven't read Logan Ryan Smith's book THE SINGERS there is a link off to the right there, wow, I like that book SO MUCH, one of the few books using music (in his case using dark giants from the 80s, mostly) that works with as much power as the music! It's a GREAT book, out from DUSIE)

CONGRATULATIONS to Dottie and Logan!

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