Sunday, April 06, 2008

Moonstone Poetry Series presents:
Kyle Conner & Jenn McCreary
Tuesday, April 8th, 6pm

Robin's Bookstore * 108 South 13th Street

Free & Open to the Public * Open Reading to Follow



As most things go
unfinished, so go
most things,

But this status quo,
epically inept,
static, paltry, bad
literature, bad
for good faith
born of empathy

Unhallowed, unalloyed,
no quid pro quo
will come
to an honest soul.

And yet,
a working order
can subsist
to suffice
without the need
for ill-considered

A general faith
No zeitgeist in the woods, perhaps,
but incremental progress
just as good.

- Kyle Conner


from Odyssey & Oracle

& of course, the Neverlands vary a great deal. your quarter-
million electric lights & my land-locked Luna

Park. & who it was & what it was.
& that? that’s
the princess who loved you even though et cetera, et

away from the clamor
of roller coasters & shooting galleries she sets
the table with cups & cakes.

the sword swallower & the bearded lady waltz
their way to the music-hall, past
the Kinderbrutanstalt hatchlings, wet &
wobbly. the mermaid tears tickets, flicks
her tail, whistles down the whole cabaret.

--Jenn McCreary

For more information: http://www.robinsbookstore.com/events/040808.html

--jenn mcc

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