Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Barack Obama is My New Bicycle 

Barack Obama is My New Bicycle

Because Barack Obama made me balloon

animals, bought me a pony, saved me

the last red velvet cupcake.

Because Barack Obama added me

as a friend, left me two new photo

comments, wrote on my FunWall.

Because Barack Obama built me

a robot, made me a mixtape, thought

I could use some candy.

Because Barack Obama asked about my

day, poured me a cup of coffee, Tivo'd Battlestar

Galactica for me when I worked late.

Because Barack Obama sorted my laundry, paid

my parking tickets, spent the whole afternoon

setting up my new wireless router.

Because Barack Obama ran back into a burning

building to rescue my baby, got my cat out of

the tree, saved me from drowning.

Because invoking the tongue-in-cheek fangirl feels

easier, & hope without irony feels foreign, & I'm tired

of feeling it's best not to get too excited about anything.

Because if a Will.I.Am video featuring Scarlett

Johannsen & John Legend can choke me up, then

anything is possible, even change.

Happy Voting, kittens.

love, jenn mccreary.


Barack Obama told me he really wanted to meet

you, told me to tell you he said "hello," took off

when he heard you weren't coming.

*with thanks to www.barackobamaisyournewbicycle.com*

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