Wednesday, March 05, 2008

up on WEIRD DEER! 

Travis Nichols's site WEIRD DEER has some new sound files for ya!

Click HERE for Dorothea Lasky's THE POETRY THAT IS GOING TO MATTER AFTER YOU ARE DEAD! This is something I found particulary potent considering the recent bullshit she's had to put up with from Amy King and Ana Bozicevic-Bowling's attempts to subjugate and put conditions on power, using Dorothea's sound of her own voice as "bad" "childish" example. This is a FUCK YOU I'M TAKING POWER BACK MOMENT on WEIRD DEER! It's beautiful!

Click HERE for Ish Klein reading from my going to 108 series. This is a recording of Ish we made for me to lip synch to at a recent event. THANKS ISH!

And THANKS Travis, WEIRD DEER is a weird and cool, interactive site for community!

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