Monday, March 03, 2008

More Dirty Demolitions 

from Common Ground:

By Maggie Barr
New Orleans - February 19, 2008 – During the early afternoon of last Saturday, February 16th, residents of Saint Bernard Parish discovered red “X’s” stuck on the doors of their homes. Posted on hundreds of neighborhood homes by the Saint Bernard Parish government employees, the red “X” or “Notice and Order of Involuntary Demolition”, gives residents little hope of being able to reverse the condemnation status of their property.
Bordering on the north edge of New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward, St Bernard Parrish is a mostly white working class and poor community.
The Notice and Order of Involuntary Demolition states that tagged properties are not in current compliance with “Minimum Housing Standards” and gives homeowners 10 days (not business days) to appeal the condemnation of their property. The accompanying “Notice of Condemnation”, which was also posted on some of the doors, states that filing an appeal does not in itself change the condemnation status, but merely gives the homeowner the right to a hearing, prior to demolition of the structure being officially ordered.
Read the entire story here.
- Frank Sherlock

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