Thursday, March 06, 2008

HOT OFF THE Kitchen Press! 

One of my favorite living poets, and friends, Joseph Massey, has an extraordinary new chapbook out, and it's appropriately titled
out of light

(from an e-mail I wrote to Joe the other morning):
Dear Joe
I woke and read your book again, cover to cover. It's the kind of poetry, your poetry, that wants to be let back into the brain, for a different entrance, and the different entrance only needs different reads, different times, like maybe reading it in new ways. Like reading it by the light of the refrigerator, leaning inside. Or, after rubbing cayenne pepper on the gums. Maybe after shooting whipped cream up the ass and on the genital, crotchal regions. THEN, maybe with the sound of the radio between stations, the static, the noise of the universe swirling about the frequencies of an off kilter dial hoping to smear a patch of outer space to show them all a new tail of a new comet.

You can CLICK HERE anytime, night or day and ORDER IT for a mere $7

To break

into the sight
of it----this

how the light
makes do,
A thrust of

a world----

the margins of you.

(posted by CAConrad)

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