Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dottie Lasky Crisis Hotline... 

From this week's issue of Philadelphia's City Paper, the CultureShock page ("things that matter to people who matter"), Chris McDonough, vocalist for the Absinthe Drinkers has this to say about PhillySound poet Dottie Lasky:

I watched Dorothea Lasky read her poems at a fundraiser at the Trocadero in November. Imagine the following lines, barked in a staccato chime: "They stole my tires/They knocked down my house/They killed my father/They cut off my fingers/And I thought, 'And I did like those fingers.'" I don't need to know anything else about Dorothea Lasky, such as what series of personal crises precipitated a poem like "Boobs Are Real." I already know that I want her on my speed dial when my own life goes to hell.

--jenn mcc.

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