Friday, February 15, 2008

Barbieo Barros Gizzi's BLUE NOTE, on cover of Craig Watson's TRUE NEWS 

One of my favorite books of all time is TRUE NEWS. Watson's poems have a distinctive clarity only the most attentive animal among us will divulge after a long supper of the senses at the bus station, or wherever the hell it is he manages to think us, rethink us. And sometimes I say, "How nice of him to do that for us," as though he did it for us. I'd like to think he did it for us, and there is a tender quality to the rock candy in my mouth, also, and why not believe it is my point? IMPOSSIBLE beauty in an IMPOSSIBLE world is what I think sometimes when reading this book! And once in a while I think FUCK HIM THAT'S NOT TRUE! OR NEWS! But later I think, maybe it is, maybe it is.

Barbieo Barros Gizzi's BLUE NOTE collage is the cover, making the whole book one terrific and spellbinding THRILL! Have you seen this book's cover?

Not sure this thumb-sized portrait will do it for you, but you really should own the book anyway, because I said so. Do the collage and poems converse with one another? Am I asking myself out loud or pretending you are asking me? What's important for me has never been to ask that question. When I'm looking at BLUE NOTE (and literally doing so with a magnifying glass) the details bend me into a position of better GETTING just how continuous a juggling act our being here together, with all this other stuff of metal and fish and petals, or driving, or falling, over into it, is. The most mysterious, almost disturbing THING for me is in the upper right hand corner of the collage. A gold circle, some kind of mirror frame, or portal frame, with a blurred FACE(!?!) in it, possibly Mercury's? It's either Mercury or George Sand. It can't be anyone other than Mercury or George Sand. Well, possibly it's Klaus Nomi wearing headphones. Maybe.

It makes me want to write a poem called MAYBE, this gold framed portal into Mecury-Sand-Nomi. Thank you Barbieo Barros Gizzi for bringing these three genius giants of Olympus together! Who needs a poem? A thank you is good.

INSTANCE PRESS needs to amp up their site a bit though, let us know more about this book. It's one of the best books of poetry ever, and everyone should BUY IT, or shoplift it, or make someone buy it for them for Presidents' Day.

When I blink away from the 2008 presidential campaign, in pain, wanting to explode, understanding how we have been wedged deep DEEP into the idea of ONLY EVER AGAIN NEEDING two parties (because they're so great!), Watson's book TRUE NEWS rings true:

"Later architects will build a new world
in which history is devoid of change."

An old friend who has bought the idea of total destruction of us all by 2012 keeps sending me the stupidest e-mails that seem to want to make me end it all now, or something. I'm going to send him TRUE NEWS for Presidents' Day.

DON'T TAKE ANY SHIT! At least not lying down. Stand at attention for your shit.

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