Saturday, November 10, 2007

Percy Pringle-Zurawski: the BIGGEST little dog I ever did meet, and I'm talking HUUUUUUUGGGE A HUGE little DOG! 

(Percy in Magdalena Zurawski's arms after his bath, photo by Kathryn Pringle)

Very sad to report that Percy Pringle-Zurawski died yesterday. I was just on the phone with Magdalena. She and Kate are heart-broken, as you can imagine. It's a terrible loss to their family.

Percy was a HUGE person in that family, was in fact the largest little dog I had ever met in my life. I remember Magdalena and I taking him for a walk on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco and witnessing just how big he could be. Not only was he very small, but he was also quite old, and blind. But he ALWAYS somehow knew where the biggest dog was on Telegraph Hill and would find him, and lean against him and GROWL a menacing GROWL. In fact the first time I witnessed this was with a Great Dane, a HUGE dog, and he looked down at little Percy, then looked back over at us, then back down at Percy, not knowning what to do.

Percy helped Magdalena finish her novel THE BRUISE. He traveled with Maggie, Kate, and their other (marvelous!) dog Bear across the country when they moved to North Carolina this year. Percy got to visit Graceland, Vegas, and even the Cadillac Ranch in Texas.

While Maggie and Kate and Bear are mourning the loss of their family member, they must know that they gave Percy the best possible home. And a tremendous Love. Percy did not leave this world without a true and good and Loving family. Those of us lucky enough to meet Percy and see him with his family know this to be true. We will all miss him.

Rest In Peace Percy. And Love to Maggie, Kate and Bear,

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