Saturday, November 03, 2007


Hi, I'm 41 years old. Ever since I was able to read as a little kid I remember reading the label MADE IN CHINA on the bottom of, on the back of, nearly everything in my filthy little home. As far as I knew everything was made in China, except coffins, which I knew my family made in the factory. But seriously, every toy, shoe, telephone, spatula, necklace, as far as I knew even the sky, even babies, all came from China and were brought over in big magical boats for our homes.

It's just really ODD to me that all of a sudden every single fucking week on the news there's yet another story about lead in the paint of a TOY, or poison in the dog food. It's SO ODD! I mean, was it always there and we're just now figuring it out? Or did someone lose their mind in China and suddenly think it's good to use lead and other poisons?

No, I'm not convinced. In fact you might think I'm paranoid, but I just don't believe it's happening. I don't. WHY after all of these years would manufacturers in China start using something to ship to America KNOWING that it's illegal to have on our store shelves? Like I said, you might think I'm paranoid, but I don't believe it.

What do I believe instead? Well, so far (and I've been looking) all the stories I've seen and heard about this don't interview anyone in China from the factories. The stories are all American. And American businesses are so competitive that I don't put it past them to prey on American consumer minds to use racism, and to use CHILDREN and PUPPIES, the two most beloved living American beings, to do it. Am I paranoid? But aren't we living in a country right now whose corporations sent us to war in Iraq?

According to Amy Goodman of DEMOCRACY NOW, all of the major television news corporations, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, are each part of separate conglomerate entities which each also own companies which design and manufacture weapons. And she told us in Philadelphia when giving a talk at the University of Pennsylvania Law School that her friends from all of these major news stations have told her that they were receiving phone calls directly into the control rooms on the first few days after the invasion of Iraq, making sure that they got a close up of a certain kind of machine gun, or tank, or some other weapon. In researching this odd need to focus on particular ITEMS on their news coverage at the start of the war, Goodman discovered that THESE ITEMS in each case were ITEMS made by weapons manufacturers owned by the same conglomerates who owned each of the news stations. OUR NEWS STATIONS MANUFACTURE WEAPONS OH MY GOD! Conflict of interest for the coverage of the conflict in Iraq? Yeah, just a tad.

Am I paranoid? Well, AREN'T YOU FOR FUCK SAKE!? Anyway, until someone can show me PROOF that people in China are REALLY TRYING TO KILL America's children and puppies, I'm not believing it! We're being set up, it's a hunch, just a hunch, but maybe I'm right! But as far as I'm aware American businesses will do ANYTHING and it really does seem true they will do ANYTHING to make a buck! Including kill close to a million people in Iraq to do so. Destroy families. Bomb homes. Should the babies of the world fear America? How many dogs were killed by American bombs and gunfire in Baghdad in recent years? Lead in the paint and poison in the puppy chow is NOTHING compared to that! We have a lot of fucking nerve some days!

But maybe I'm wrong. But at the moment I'm thinking I'm right! But if someone knows of a source of news to clear it up for me, trust me, I'm more than willing to see and hear it.


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