Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Working on the Judge Teresa Deni case yesterday at the polls, handing out flyers, talking to people, telling them what she did, and WHY they should vote NO to keep her in her chair was a positive experience, for the most part. In fact it made me happy to find out that MOST of the voters had already heard about the situation, and were already intending to vote NO for her seat to be renewed.

One woman however took a screwy turn. She balled the flyer up and THREW it into the street and told me that her husband is a lawyer and is friends with Judge Deni, and that I know NOTHING about her, that I'm (GET THIS!) a misogynist who is threatened by women judges! She ACTUALLY said that! WOW! And I said, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? Judge Deni DISMISSED a rape case by her own moral indignation against the occupation of the victim!"


"Yes I am! No woman, prostitute or not, should be gang raped at gunpoint and not see justice done! And furthermore HOW ABOUT THE WOMAN these same men raped several days later!? What about her!? If ANYTHING that victim should have her lawyer hold Judge Deni culpable in the assault KNOWING what these men had already done and that the judge set them free to do it again!"

She ignored this last comment and told several people I handed flyers to ignore me and that I hate women, and that they should vote YES to retain the seat of Judge Teresa Deni!

It was one of those TWISTED moments life throws at you that just made me nothing but angry for the forced denial, angry for the fucked up system, angry that I'm being called something I happen to believe the judge in this case is, woman or man, or not!

This judge is a threat to all women in the city of Philadelphia, and the Bar Association is involved now to examine the case closer and see if the judge is even fit to serve at this point. My fingers are crossed they find her unfit.

But I also hope enough people voted NO yesterday to retain her seat.

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