Saturday, October 27, 2007

Philadelphia voters PLEASE vote 11/06/07 to OUST Judge Teresa Carr Deni 

Earlier today at the anti war rally near Independence Hall some of us (including Frank Sherlock who got into a strange and heated conversation with a lawyer and the lawyer's friends) helped hand out flyers to get rid of Judge Teresa Carr Deni. The text of the flyers was written by Mary Kalyna of the Global Women's Strike. Other Strike members were also there. I want to reprint that text for you but Mary is now on my answering machine letting me know that new evidence has broken that Judge Deni has covered up even more information, so stay tuned.

In the meantime here is a link to the Daily News article about the judge's decision to throw out a rape case, stating that the prostitute who was gang raped at gun point needs to understand it was an "occupational hazard." Really? Well Judge Deni, WE want YOU to understand that you should look for work in the wonderful world of fast food from now on!

More later as this unfolds! PLEASE spread the word! And VOTE this monster out of the courts!

P.S. the anti war rally was a good one today. It was especially good to see so many CODE PINK members there! I LOVE the CODE PINK group! One thing I do feel I want to say is that I'm a little tired of the endless speeches at these rallies. Um, well, they're boring. And endless. I'm not saying people don't mean well, but we really need to find something else to do at these things. Frankly I LOVE Carol Mirakove's ideas of turning these into festivals. I wish we could find Carol a job where she makes such things happen. It might just turn everything around in ways we never anticipated!

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