Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kathryn Pannepacker & Corey Armpriester: ALLEGIANCE: WAR OR PEACE, the examination of contemporary war 

My old friends Kathryn and Corey have a show together in Philadelphia at the Seeber Fine Arts Gallery. --CAConrad

This exhibition features the new works of two Philadelphia artists, Kathryn Pannepacker and Corey Armpriester, both of whom are addressing issues of contemporary war using the mediums of textiles and photography. Both artists are attempting to give voice to the confusion, frustration, apathy and complexity of being an American citizen during times of war.

Artist Kathryn Pannepacker's series Pretty Little Bombs skillfully conveys explosive tensions. Weaving with traditional materials (wool, cotton and jute), juxtaposed to unorthodox materials (paper matches and aluminum foil), she illustrates the power of what it means to ignite our hearts on fire ... for war or for peace. All this made evident with the consumption of idealized pedestrian symbols.

Artist Corey Armpriester’s series Whispers of Black holes are of television appropriations from film/video footage of today’s wars (in the Middle East ) on national and international news media. By creating iconic imagery of contemporary war via American television, he's retelling the story broadcast on the news with a subversive and sinister interpretation. Alongside of the appropriations are metaphorical portraits that demonstrate the United States Government perception of its citizens being potential terrorists that need surveillance via the Patriot Act.

Gallery information:
Contact person: Michael Seeber Tel:215-756-7999 seeber2@hotmail.com

Seeber Fine Arts Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
armpriester@comcast.net, kpannepacker@yahoo.com

Opening: Friday, September 14th, 5-9p.m
Closing: Sunday, September 23rd, 4-7p.m

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