Sunday, September 16, 2007


WITHOUT A DOUBT one of the most beautiful looking and thoughtfully edited magazines around is minor/american, put out by Kathryn Pringle, Magdalena Zurawski, and Elise Ficarra. There are a lot of magazines these days that I look at and can't even begin to consider what the message is, what the aesthetic is, what the purpose is. It's the careful scrutinizing of these three editors that especially makes me proud to have been included in issue 1.1 of their magazine. Having edited and published FREQUENCY with Magdalena Zurawski I can tell you firsthand that she cares deeply about the work she puts her name to. When editing with Magdalena, if she said NO, she meant NO, period. And she always had plenty to say why she said NO, and there was never a moment where I didn't, or couldn't respect why she said NO. (And trust me when I say we made our share of enemies with some poets while editing, but in the end we were nothing but proud of our efforts, and free of regrets) And knowing Kathryn and Elise personally I can see all three of these editors taking special care equally with their magazine. minor/american issue 1.1 turned out to be something few magazines these days can measure against, and with a Suzanne Stein insert that made the jaw drop.

Below is the cover of issue 1.1 (sold out), and below that is a call for submissions e-mail sent out today from Kathryn Pringle.


elise ficarra & i [and sometimes maggie zurawski] edit a small, handmade, handsewn, no money-making journal of writings and we'd like for you to consider sending some work! issue 1.1 is sold out. issue 1.2 is themed... the theme is : CITY or CITI.

we are especially fond of LONG poems... please send up to 15 pages of work [any genre] to minoramerican.subs@gmail.com. our submission period closes on 12/1/07. we are aiming for issue 1.2 to come out in feb 2008.

please keep in mind that we like to publish longer works, or a lot of pages per writer... this means that we will probably only have room for 10-15 writers per issue... this means that if we don't publish you it may just be a matter of space so please still love us anyway!

if you have any questions, backchannel me!

thanks! i hope you send!

(note: Kate also manages the minor american blog with Magdalena Zurawski)

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