Monday, August 27, 2007

more reasons than ever to Love Philadelphia! 

Just back from visiting some of my favorite people in the world, in North Carolina. Magdalena and Kate, and Elizabeth and Lee Ann. One of the best short trips of my life!

Is that true about vegetarian food at the Phillies games? That's saying something for the city of the cheese steak and makes me so damned happy!

And everyone should buy Dottie Lasky's book! See the post below with links, she's fucking dynamite! AWE is without a doubt one of the best books of 2007. Not just one of the best books of poetry in 2007, but books! You think your new cookbook is great, you just better check out Dottie! I hate meat, but if Dottie's book were a burger I'd have to have some. And look, without ketchup and mayo, and I LOVE it! But I'm glad it's not meat. It's too alive to wind up dead and in a patty and fried and on a bun. Where is this going, maybe I should stop now, but I don't want to, Dottie's amazing book this summer grazing the globe.


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