Thursday, July 05, 2007


Joseph Massey made me VERY HAPPY today by forwarding a PDF with Joseph Ceravolo's FITS OF DAWN, which has been out of print for many years.

A couple of years ago Frank Sherlock invited John Coletti to host a Ceravolo Festival here in Philly, which turned out to be a night of poetry anyone there will never forget! Simon Pettet read, as did Africa Wayne. I read, and Frank too? Who else read? Damn I wish I had recorded that event!

Thanks so much Joe Massey! ANYONE READING THIS WHO WOULD LIKE A COPY, just write to me at CAConrad13@aol.com and I'll forward you the e-mail from Joe Massey.

WE REALLY DO NEED A COLLECTED POEMS of Joseph Ceravolo! I've made illegal photocopies of all the books over the years, including the one I think gets no play, MILLENNIUM DUST. Marvelous work, and while many of us are grateful to the work of the editors of the selected THE GREEN LAKE IS AWAKE, it doesn't begin to carry the weight of this poet's genius home! A Collected is needed! Seriously!

Thanks again Joe Massey, you've made my day!

Joseph Ceravolo is a REAL Independence Day celebration!

P.S. (A BIG FAT P.S. INDEED!) Eric Baus just alerted me that PENNSOUND has a Joseph Ceravolo page! I had NO IDEA! Very exciting news! Click HERE!!!!!!!

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