Thursday, June 14, 2007

The protest today was exhilarating, in many ways! 

First, WOW, what a huge crowd we made! And the police blocked our initial attempts at our original location meet-up by parking very large police vans and trailers over and around the area.

Luck was on our side though that governor Rendell sent a liaison from his office in Harrisburg, probably wondering just WHAT IN THE HELL was going on! This murder (and it astonishingly being classified an accident) is starting to get press coverage beyond the state of Pennsylvania, finally, and I'm sure Rendell wants to have some closer evaluation of what's happened before WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN happens.

What's going to happen is that the police are going to be FORCED to classify Erika Keel's death a murder, and the suspect Roland Button brought to trial.

But back to the protest, this liaison didn't have the facts, that's clear from what she said at the microphone. She said that the police are awaiting witnesses to step forward. Of course anyone involved with this for more than fifteen minutes knows full well that witnesses were immediate! But they too were trans, and they were harassed and bullied out of their statements. Savannah Hornback was told by police not to make something out of nothing, and Savannah wasn't even a witness to the murder!

Savannah by the way is amazing! Savannah brought together so many activist organizations, from ACT-UP to The Global Women's Strike, and many others, that the police, and mayor will have to pay attention.

At the end of the march from Franklin Square to the police barracks Savannah read to us the number of signatures we have all worked at putting together to open the investigation as being almost 3,000. WOW, and in such a short time period!

What an amazing day it's been! Carol Mirakove would be happy to hear that this protest had a lot of joy! Not at all like the Festival idea she has, but it felt lively, spirited, and hopeful. It was without a doubt one of my favorite protest-marches I've ever been on. Everyone looked SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!

Because we were fucking beautiful!

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