Friday, June 08, 2007

more on the GIL OTT event 

Tim Peterson has written a very generous account of the event. For those who couldn't make it I suggest you read Tim's posts, then come back here to scroll down to yesterday's post to find the link to Ron Silliman's posts. I just think both accounts are good to read before listening to the audio as they carry the weight of the atmosphere that you can't get from the audio.

Tim is the recipient of the first annual Gil Ott Book Award for his book SINCE I MOVED IN (CHAX PRESS, 2007) and the event was a book party for him as well as a tribute to Gil.

Here's his first link, which has a picture of the event's program.
Here's his second link, which is the post with the commentary.

Thanks Tim for taking the care and time,

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