Thursday, April 12, 2007


Spanish is an American language. So is Lakota and Cherokee, but I'm referring to the beating drum of our president against Spanish-speaking Americans. Hearing the president on the news yet again stating that "illegals" (as he refers to these people) must learn English, I can't help remember his campaign for the White House when he addressed crowds of Latino voters and spoke to them in Spanish.

What's really going on? Is this a deflection from the gruesome, evil war in Iraq that he started? A deflection from the story of the three 4-star generals who just the other day told him to fuck off when offered the job of war czar?

Or is this some kind of SMACK DOWN response to the growing PUSH from "illegals" (what a stupid word!) who are fighting in the streets for their dignity? Just yesterday it was announced that a group of Latino FedEx workers are bringing charges against FedEx for being overlooked for promotions on the grounds of race. In fact every single day you can see where Latino Americans are making the news with such stories. Brave actions in dark times.

But to the brutality of forced English yet again. I mean WHAT is supposed to come of people being forced to learn English? Will Barbara Bush want to invite them over for tea if they learn English? Oh, I mean, will Barbara Bush allow them to clean up after her tea party if they learn English?

What is the hoax behind the fairy tale that's supposed to come from forced English? Have them not be isolated? Does president Bush REALLY CARE if these "illegals" are isolated? Is he such a caring, warm guy?

This is more fascism at work is all it is. As though English were a constant stream of piss to cover everyone with. OPEN YOUR MOUTH SO WE CAN FILL IT!

To be honest I want president Bush to continue saying these things at this particular time when everyone everywhere is filled with hate for him. This might actually be the moment in time where we can REALLY HEAR HIM and understand everything he says to be stupid, and dangerous.


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